On the first day of​ June, there were about 17.86 h of daylight in a city. Five months​ later, there were about 8.40 h of daylight. What was the percent​ decrease?​(Round to the nearest whole number as​ needed.)

Accepted Solution

The percent decrease is 53%Step-by-step explanation:The percent decrease is given by:[tex]Percent-Decrease = \frac{Old\ value-New\ value}{Old\ value} * 100[/tex]HereOld Value = 17.86 hoursNew Value = 8.40 hoursSo,[tex]Percent-Decrease = \frac{17.86-8.40}{17.86}*100\\=\frac{9.46}{17.86}*100\\=0.5296*100\\=52.96\%[/tex]Rounding off to nearest whole number53%So,The percent decrease is 53%Keywords: Percent, percentageLearn more about percentage at:brainly.com/question/11007026brainly.com/question/11207748#LearnwithBrainly