Square ABCD and isosceles triangle BUC are drawn to create trapezoid AUCD. Square A B C D and triangle B U C are attached at side B C to create trapezoid A U C D. What is the measure of angle DCU? a.45o b.90o c.120o d.135o

Accepted Solution

Answer:d) 135ºStep-by-step explanation:Note that the angle DCU is the sum of the angles DCB and BCU. The angle DCB is 90º because A B C D is a square, then all its angles are equal to 90º.After attaching B U C to A B C D, we obtain a trapezoid A U C D. Since A U C D has at least one pair of parallel sides, then AU should be parallel to CD, thus the angle CBU must be 90º. B U C is isoceles, so we conclude that other two angles must have the same size, and due to the sum of the angles of a triangle being 180º, then both BUC and BCU are equal to 45º As a result, the angle DCU is equal to 90º+45º = 135º. Option d is the correct one.