What is 76 to the Power of 73?

Accepted Solution

Solution: 76 to the Power of 73 is equal to 1.992472043499715e+137MethodsStep-by-step: finding 76 to the power of 73The first step is to understand what it means when a number has an exponent. The β€œpower” of a number indicates how many times the base would be multiplied by itself to reach the correct value. The second step is to write the number in the base-exponent form, and lastly calculate what the final result would be. Consider the example of 2 to the power of 4: in exponent form that would be 242^424. To solve this, we need to multiply the base, 2 by itself, 4 times - 2β‹…2β‹…2β‹…22\cdot2\cdot2\cdot22β‹…2β‹…2β‹…2 = 16. So 24=162^4 = 1624=16.So re-applying these steps to our particular problem, we first convert our word problem to a base-exponent form of:767376^{73}7673To simplify this, all that is needed is to multiply it out:76 x 76 x 76 x 76 x ... (for a total of 73 times) = 1.992472043499715e+137Therefore, 76 to the power of 73 is 1.992472043499715e+137.Related exponent problems:Here some other problems that you can read and practice with!What is 8 to the Power of 85?What is 13 to the Power of 55?What is 27 to the Power of 43?What is 84 to the Power of 18?What is 93 to the Power of 9?